Getting your kitchen cleaned up is among the worst “nightmares” we would wish to have out of our lives once and for all! But then how can that happen if we still have our bellies with us? The only way to overcome that ‘tiring’ feeling we all get when we think of cleaning our kitchen is by getting excellent and rewarding tips that will get the work done real quick and simple. Here we have our friends from Maid Sailors to give your the best life hacks that you have seen online.

And to help you get done with that dirty kitchen in just half the time you usually spend cleaning, here are six lifehacks for cleaning your kitchen real quick and easy:

1. Getting Done With the Blender
After you have ground some garlic with the blender or have used it in some other grinding tasks, you can quickly wash it to help avoid the dirt getting stuck on it simply by:

• Warming up some water.
• And then pouring it inside the blender.
• Press the “on” button on the blender to have it whirl inside. And remember to have the blender’s top lid on.
• After some time, favorably 3 to 5 minutes, pour the water and then rinse it with running water to get the soap residue out.
• And it’s done!

2. Washing the Microwave Sparking Clean
Food easily explodes in the microwave, and that improves the chances of us having to clean it regularly so as to prevent tough stains that might damage the microwave’s look. And to get rid of any dirt in an instant, you can:

• Take some few towels or wipes and have them high heated in the same microwave for about two to five minutes.
• Wipe the dirt stains with them as they continue to steam off. The steam will help the dirt to soften and make it easy to wipe it out.
• After they have cooled, you can then use them to clean the stains completely and leave it shining.

Or you can also use this other easy method

• Get a wet sponge and then put inside the microwave.
• Spray all over the microwave with a mixture of essential oils and water.
• Let the sponge microwave for some minutes, preferably two or three.
• Take the sponge out and let it cool down.
• Wipe the mess on the microwave.

Getting Rid of the Irritating Smell Coming from the Microwave
If you are having trouble with the unpleasant smell of the microwave even after washing it, try this awesome hack to do away with that smell:

• Take a glass almost full of water.
• Add a half glass of lemon juice.
• Heat the mixture in the oven for about five minutes.
• Then stop the microwave and let the mixture stay inside the microwave for ten minutes.
• And the smell will disappear.

3. Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Appliances
You can use a glass cleaner to clean the stainless steel appliances and give them a glowing look and still eliminate the fingerprints on the appliances. Here is how you do it:
• Spray the glass cleaner on a piece of microfiber cloth.
• Wax it on and then wax it off. Do this for some time.
• Rinse off thoroughly with running water.

You can also use flour to get the same work done. And this is by repeating the same procedure above but use flour instead of the glass cleaner.

4. Cleaning the Cheese Grater

To prevent more cheese from getting stuck on the grate over and over again, you can use a simple paint brush and polish both sides of the grate. It’s tough hairs help to remove cheese or any other ingredient or food that might get stuck on it too. This works fantastic!

5. Getting the Trash Can Done With
Your trash can may also be among the things that damage the look of your kitchen along with the bad smell it carries. You might want to give it an in-depth cleaning as well as deodorize it. And to have all that sorted out, just:

• Dispose of all the waste in it.
• Get crushed ice cubes made partly of water and vinegar and filled it in the can.
• As soon as the ice melts in the can, rinse it with running tap water.

6. Keeping Your Dishwasher Fresh
Most people would argue that cleaning the dishwasher would be a waste of time and energy, but it is very healthy and advisable to spare a few seconds or freshen it up by:

• Running vinegar round the dishwasher’s perimeters.
• Running another cycle of water to rinse it clean.

And that is how easy and quick you can get your kitchen fixed and ready for cooking! Always make sure that you maintain a good looking beautiful kitchen to enhance the mood and attitude of your cooking. A whole kitchen brings a healthy and enjoyable cooking experience!


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